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Pink Sweat$ // Pink Planet


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Pink Sweat$ is a somewhat of an unusual name to go by when releasing your first record. It conjures up more questions than answers - but that thought will evolve once you hear PINK PLANET, the debut from the artist born David Bowden.

The Philadelphia-born artist has crafted a selection of vibrant R&B that doesn’t really sound like anything else that any artist is making these days. Take the opener “Pink City”, a slow burner that kicks off with some Rhodes Piano, where Pink Sweat$ sings delicately over a light backbeat. The track gradually adds drum, bass, guitar and piano before brimming into a beautiful choral refrain. It’s invigorating and that’s just the first song.

Then you have songs like “So Sweet” with it’s strategically placed wah-wah, drums mixed to the front and Sweat$ falsetto that make it feel like a delightful slice of turn-of-the-century pop that would have a had a video in rotation late nights on MTV.

There are plenty of great moments on PINK PLANET, but one of the best, standout moments is the gorgeous “At My Worst”, a sunny, sweet ballad that with it’s xylophone twinkles and swaying beat compliment the tender vocal. Anytime a song includes snaps, it’s one that sticks in your head.

Overall, PINK PLANET is a deeply impressive record that has a bevy of great tracks that feel easy, effortless and truly enjoyable. The real trick of this album is that it is own ecosystem, meaning that its title is not just a catchy alliteration. It encapsulates everything about its creator and what it contains. That’s pretty special.

- Brendan Hilliard, Obviate Media


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Black LP

- Track List -
PINK CITY - Heaven - Paradise - Magic - So Sweet - Chains - Interlude - Beautiful Life - PINK MONEY - At My Worst - 17 - Lows - Not Alright - Give It To Me - Icy - PINK FAMILY


Release Date: July 9, 2021
Record Label: Atlantic